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STAND UP AND FIGHT TO SAVE OUR COMMUNITY! - From Increased Crime in our Neighborhood.

Victims & Law Enforcement

John Ciafone will support our Victims & Law Enforcement, Not the Criminals. - From the City's Attack on Working Families and Small Businesses.


John Ciafone will support Working Families and Small Businesses to Insure their Survival. - From the Destruction of our Schools and Educational Standards and Facilities.

Children's Future

John Ciafone will fight for our children's future and parents interests! - From challenging the special interests and corrupt elites.

It's time to take back power and put it in the hands of the people!


Democrat, John J. Ciafone, the son of an immigrant, was born, raised, schooled and continues to work and live in our Community along with his wife and three Children.

Ciafone is the product of Public Schools in our neighborhood and was elected to Community School Board 30. serving as its President; the Children and Parents in our Public Schools of Astoria, Long Island City, East Elmhurst and Jackson Heights.

John Ciafone is an award-winning Trial Attorney serving the needs of our Community for over 25 years. Ciafone also serves as Administrative Law Judge/Hearing Officer. Ciafone an EMT/EMS, volunteers his time and was recently awarded a Hero in Healthcare for his service in COVID 19.

Ciafone also conducts free seminars and webinars for seniors and writes a weekly law column for the people of our community.

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The act of kindness no matter how small, is never wasted

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